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Downstream Operations

Retail Supply

The Aiteo fleet of tanker trucks delivers fuel within and across Nigerian borders, ensuring a steady supply of petroleum products for filling stations and their customers.

We offer our filling station customers significant price and supply advantages. We are able to do so because of a highly efficient evacuation process and because of a strong network of strategic alliances that extends locally and internationally.

  • On the road to a national network of filling stations

    We supply independent filling stations across Nigeria and in neighboring countries, and operate two Aiteo-owned filling stations strategically located in the eastern and northern regions. Our goal is to serve all of Nigeria with a network of Aiteo-owned stations. As this network expands, so will our road tanker fleet and out ability to meet the fuel needs of Nigeria and the West African region.

  • Petroleum products marketing, supply and trading

    AITEO is a leading supplier of petroleum products to Nigeria in terms of product volumes. Between 2009 and 2011, AITEO imported up to 4 million metric tons of refined petroleum products into Nigeria.

  • Bulk petroleum storage

    Strategically located on-shore petroleum storage terminals in Lagos, South West Nigeria and Port Harcourt, South East Nigeria, form the nucleus of AITEO’s bulk petroleum storage and retail distribution network.

    The Port Harcourt petroleum storage terminal has a capacity of over 110 million liters, with demand driving an upgrade to accommodate over 130 liters.

    The state-of-the art petroleum storage terminal in Apapa, Lagos is the largest privately owned storage facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Storage capacity is approximately 210 million liters, serving 600 trucks daily.

    To optimize access by sea, a new jetty has been constructed accommodating vessels of up to 30,000 metric tons deadweight.

  • Power generation and electricity distribution

    AITEO’s power generation group is working to harness Nigeria's vast natural gas resources and generate energy from Nigeria's indigenous and renewable resources, with a particular focus on hydroelectric power.

  • Retail service station network

    AITEO owns and operates several gas stations across Nigeria and supplies independent filling stations. Filling station customers receive significant price and supply advantages courtesy of a highly efficient evacuation process and a strong network of local and international strategic alliances.

    AITEO’s aim of a network of AITEO-owned and franchised stations has begun with the acquisition of several filling stations strategically located in eastern and northern Nigeria.

  • AITEO Gas

    AITEO’s gas subsidiary company is participating in the following:

    • Gas gathering and processing facilities
    • LPG production, storage and distribution
    • Pipeline infrastructural network development
    • NGL processing, transportation and logistics (including CNG solutions)