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Midstream Operations

Aiteo’s strategically located, high-capacity facilities optimize access from land and sea to maximize distribution efficiency.


On-shore storage depots form the nucleus of our distribution network. This vast reservoir can supply all of the country’s needs for many days.


Million litters of white products available for immediate distribution to filling stations across Nigeria.

Storage Depots

Port Harcourt

We have recently expanded our Port Harcourt Storage Depot on Abonema Island and completed a jetty that enables large vessels to dock here. The Port Harcourt depot provides the largest and most technically advanced storage facility outside Lagos.

  • Depot capacity of over 100 million liters of storage for our three main white products
  • Hundreds of trucks fill up here each day
  • Jetty accommodates vessels of up to 20,000 metric tons dead weight


Our Apapa Storage Depot, located in the Apapa area of Lagos, is one of the largest storage facilities in Nigeria with capacity of approximately 90 million liters. A planned second phase is expected to increase capacity by over 40 percent.